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Despite new industry and legislative requirements regarding mandatory seller and lender disclosures, a recent survey reveals that the vast majority of new homeowners in 2018 continued to feel lost at closing and would agree that their biggest mistake throughout the entire process was not becoming more educated (before they began looking) on the entire home-buying, mortgage borrowing, and title clearing requirements that would be so intricately involved in getting them to closing and through to the finish line. Regent Title has compiled all of the most pertinent and current information our team could think of to help better inform and educate new buyers, sellers, and investors. Our team members have also agreed to set aside time to meet with any individuals that contact us to learn about the real estate transaction process before entering into any legally binding contracts. Please stop by one of our local offices, contact us at info@regenttit

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Regent Title & Escrow, LLC is Your Elite Real Estate Settlement Company! Our entire team is both committed to and passionate about improving standards in the real estate & title industry. Thus, we offer as many training and education opportunities as possible and will happily provide additional courses to suit our clients needs (buyers, sellers, investors, agents, lenders, etc.) Regent Title is also affiliated with a local Real Estate Law Firm, Maddux Law, PLLC. Together, we can handle all of your legal and real estate needs! Please email us at with any requests you have for our real estate title and/or legal team!

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